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Project Case Studies

Browse through case studies on Mobile Apps, Cloud Apps, Web Apps – Development, Integration & Testing, executed across technologies and industries for our global customers

ZeroCarwash App

How we helped ZeroCarWash To Build Their Car Wash Service Booking Web Portal.


The client required to build a Online Car Wash Booking portal. The solution should have an intuitive user interface with added features :

  • Extracting details ( Height, Length, Width, Image, Car make, model) of the car using car registration number.
  • Display Packages according to the length and height of the car. These packages are configurable from backend.
  • Additional services selection facility
  • Manage package discount from backend
  • Display calendar with date and time. Disable holidays which should be configurable from backend.
  • Stripe payment gateway integration for making payment online by credit card. Also alternate payment facility Paypal provided.
  • The portal must run flawlessly on all major browser.
  • Portal Design should be responsive to support all size of devices.
  • On completion of payment user will get confirmation email and SMS.
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  • Fetch car's data by Car Registratiion number
  • Display Packages Dynamically according to dimension of the car
  • Disable holidays which are configurable from backend
  • Stripe and paypal payment gateway integration


  • To deliver a web platform solution, the team at Solutionnerway Technology Designed, Developed, Tested and deployed the application on server with SSL gateway.
  • According to the challenges they faced, they analyzed it in depth and came up with perfetc solution. They gone through each and every documentation of third party integration like API, Payment Gateway, SMS Gateway and implemented it as per guidelines.

Business Benefits:

  • Offered their customer an easy to use platform to book Car Washing Services at their doorstep
  • Administrative platform to manage everything happening at user side.
  • Get all bookings and booking details at administrative panel

E-healthcard App

Creation of Android and iOS app which helps user to access their health information, book apointments, find near by hospitals, Pathology labs, Call ambulance in case of emergency and many more.


    The client required to build Mobile app to provide its user facilities to get all health information sitting anywhere of the world. It should be one stop solutions for all health emergency related needs. The App should have an easy to use user interface with added features :

  • Display Medical Records
  • Find near by doctors and book appointment
  • Find near by Labs, make appointment, visit lab and get test report on app itself
  • Emergency help , in case of any medical emrgency
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  • Intial challenge was to display near by hospitals, doctors
  • In case emergency sending messages to relatives and call on emergency number


    Experienced Android and iOS development team at Solutionnerway Technology designed, developed,tested, uploaded on playstore and app store. The solution methodology was focused on building a clean, easy to use interface and develop it the way user will feel good to use it. We followed agile methodologyto make it market ready.

Business Benefits:

  • Patient get all health facilities at finger tips.
  • Doctors and Labs increased their business.

Sabji store App

Creation of ntaive Android and iOS app which helps user to buy vegetables from near by Vegetable Store


Requiremnt is to build online vegetable store on Android and iOS platform, where user can can easily oreder vegetables using their Android and iOS phone. Here are few important features

  • Display near by Vegetable Store as per user's current location
  • Available vegetables are displayed
  • User add vegetables on cart
  • Create profile and Order Vegetable
  • Support all android and iOS version
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  • Detect current location and also user can search location for selection
  • Vegetable Store can open or close their online store. On closing their store it will not be displayedto user. Again on opening the store it will display the store and user can shop from the store.


Our experienced mobile app development team started with brainstorming session. They defined architecture, design and finalized a plan to deliver ultimate product on time.

Business Benefits:

  • User can easyly order vegetables from nearby sabji store
  • Vegetable Store Owners gets business

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