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1.Are You Planning to hire React Native Developer for your Development work?

You are in right place, Developers from Solutionnerway Technology's are much affordable than Other offshore and/or outsourcing companies.

React Native is a framework that is used for developing native Android and iOS applications. A react native app is developed such that it can only be used on a particular platform for which it is developed.React Native framework is based on a technology that can be used in both the web and native apps. The framework is majorly used for developing cross-platform native mobile apps. For hire our React Native Developer Please email us at sales@solutionner.com/ solutionnersoftware@gmail.com. Visit us at www.solutionner.com We would be looking forward to work with you as your trusted technology partner.

2. React Native Mobile Application development

Do you know react native?

Well, if you do know. React is a very popular JavaScript library from Facebook for building declarative, efficient and flexible user interfaces. Most of current cross platform app development frameworks like Apache Cordova, Ionic under the hood displays web components on the top of webview which seems like native. But, they are rendering the components on the top of webview makes degrade its responsiveness.

3.Do you know some Great Apps Written with React Native?

Grate, if you do know. If you don't know here is the list for you.
• Facebook
• Skype
• Facebook Ads
• Instagram
• Walmart
• Airbnb • SoundCloud Pulse • Yeti Smart Home • Uber Eats

Learning Management System

Online learning is all the rage right now. With all its benefits like the seamless blend of traditional classroom and virtual information, scalability and engaging content, among others, it is no surprise that e-learning is rapidly taking over a large number of industries and domains.

So what is an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, online test, test tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses.
To simplify things, a learner management system is a tool which makes the creation and management of online exam much more efficient and easy.

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